Concrete resurfacing

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Ugly Concrete?

GraniTite of East Texas has you covered.


Your hips will love you. With GraniTite, reduced risk of falls are standard operation.


Your feet will love you. Cooler surfaces mean getting in and out of the pool in  summer just got less painful.


Your wallet will love you. Spend your money on floaties and furniture. GraniTite won’t fade anytime soon.


Your eyes will love you. Don’t just have a pool, have a paradise with colors that dazzle the imagination.

Feel the love.

It’s totally awesome. Seriously.

Concrete is everywhere and it’s ugly.

There’s got to be a solution.

You see it on pool decks, on sidewalks, in warehouses, in driveways—some homes even have concrete flooring. But, let’s face it. Concrete, in its natural state, is ugly. It’s gray, and such a gray that it hardly ever complements its surroundings. It’s rough, as any child who has slipped and skinned their knee will readily tell you. Even more, it is too often a casualty to the harshness of time, making it crack and stain.

Nevertheless, concrete surfaces are the dominate reality for most of our lives. If only it were…better. If only it were safer. If only it could be upgraded.

Concrete Resurfacing

Pool Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Coatings in Tyler TX and Longview

GraniTite concrete resurfacing: the solution to the concrete fact that concrete isn’t perfect.

GraniTite concrete coatings are easily applicable and binds with concrete in a way no previous concrete coating compounds ever could. When your concrete withers away, GraniTite is the go-to solution for pool deck resurfacing, garage floor resurfacing, or walkway revitalization.

According to the Mohs hardness scale, GraniTite is two integers harder than both steel and platinum. That kind of strength doesn’t crack easily! Despite that, GraniTite is flexible and easily molds itself to any concrete shape you wish to upholster it with.

GraniTite comes in a diversity of colors mixed specifically to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a bright, cheery green to accent your pool area, or a modest, reservedly hued brown for a screened-in porch floor, the colors that will soon replace the dull concrete will leave you exhilarated and inspired by the change. Moreover, you’ll know that the days of weather-worn surfacing will be over because every versatile color available for GraniTite concrete resurfacing is UV resistant.

The smooth, part-quartz surface of GraniTite has the beautiful luster of stone instead of the dull pebbly texture of concrete. It is slip-resistant in the truest sense of the term, making GraniTite not only good for the health of your concrete, but also your family and friends.

So why bother with concrete repair?

Other options only highlight the cracks and aged look of worn surfaces. GraniTite of East Texas is there to help you with adding life back into your weathered concrete sidewalk, pool deck, or garage floor. Let us introduce you to the world’s first spray-on granite coating with slip and UV resistance second to none. Use GraniTite on all your concrete surfaces for a guaranteed improvement in both durability and aesthetic beauty.

GraniTite. Not just decorative concrete coatings. A palette of possibilities.

Take back your concrete surfaces.