Decorative Fiberglass Coatings.

Your defense against dull and dangerous boat decks.
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Dull and Dangerous Fiberglass?

GraniTite of East Texas comes to your defense!

Old fiberglass decks lead to new injuries. Prevent yours with GraniTite.

Incredibly versatile, fiberglass combines light weight with strength to give manufacturers a myriad of options for surface uses and textures. Fiberglass was developed in the United Kingdom during the Second World War to replace molded plywood being used in planes. In the 1950s, fiberglass made its entry into civilian use primarily as the “go-to” material for marine construction from fishing boats to yachts. More recently, hot tub manufacturers have found fiberglass to be the perfect surface material for their products also.

However, the clock keeps ticking and the sun and rain do not relent. They take their toll on even the marvel that is fiberglass.

The outer surface of fiberglass is normally a particular coating called “gelcoat.” Although it has no structural value, gelcoat protects the hull of a boat and gives it its color and shine. That highly polished glossy shine looks great when a new boat first comes off the lot, but age and weather break down the soft surface of the gelcoat and leave it dull and chalky.

Additionally, thousands of boats still in service were manufactured with a grit-type traction added to the gelcoat so that walking surfaces would be non-skid. That grit also wears down with use and the deck, inevitably, becomes slippery when wet.

All of this leads to an old boat that is dull and dangerous.

GraniTite is your best defense to dull and dangerous.

Your boat deck does not have to remain a liability. GraniTite of East Texas is here to help you effectively protect against skids and slips. GraniTite is designed with the slick surface in mind. It is durable, yet gives a comfortable surface upon which to enjoy your fishing or pleasure boating experience.

GraniTite allows you to be creative in the way you resurface your fiberglass deck. You can add logos, inlays, and other design elements with the many different pigments offered by GraniTite of East Texas.

Once you have your design in place, relax. GraniTite is UV ray resistant and will defend your property against the harmful effects of the sun that assault all outdoor surfaces. With your surface coated in GraniTite, you will feel like you breathed new life into that old boat and made it safer for your family to enjoy on the lake or in the bay.

Give GraniTite of East Texas a call and let us help you defend against the dull and dangerous. Granitite. Not just decorative fiberglass coatings. A palette of possibilities.

Take back your fiberglass surface.