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Slick metal surfaces need a beautiful solution. We have it.
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Your old Metal surface worn and slick?

GraniTite of East Texas provides Beauty in a slip-resistant coating.

Metal Surfaces bring Versatility and Vice.

As one of the more common building materials, metal is found in all kinds of locations. These days, metal is not limited to just commercial and industrial settings. From ramps to stairs, kitchens to bathrooms, this resilient surface is popular in residential settings as well for those seeking a material that can be pressed or textured to create unique designs. Metal is a hard and slick surface that tends to be very slippery with minimal moisture. Metal staircases only complicate the safety issues property owners need to address.

For those who have invested the money in the unique look of metal in their homes, the fight against corrosion is never ceasing. Oxidizing agents abound for ferrous-based metals, and, over time, their harmful effects can lead to a tarnished look and even rust.

Owners of industrial property are also at risk of increased accidents as the metal surfaces in their warehouses and factories get worn and slick over time. Costs of medical treatment and downtime for the worker are the gamble of failing to address the dangers of old and worn metal surfaces. Thankfully, GraniTite of East Texas can help you make the most of your aging metal.

GraniTite covers the flaws and brings your metal surface to a whole new level.

With GraniTite of East Texas, you have access to the first, and best, spray-on granite coating. GraniTite protects and beautifies interior and exterior flooring, walkways, and walls.

It’s tough, and we don’t mind saying so. GraniTite boasts of a compressive strength higher than concrete and addresses your safety concerns with one of the highest slip-resistant ratings on the market. Its UV resistant features stand up to the harsh demands of the sun on outdoor walkways, ramps, and staircases.

It’s pretty, and you won’t mind saying so either. GraniTite of East Texas offers a versatile collection of hues with which to design inlays, logos, and other attractive additions to your resurfacing project. With a three-year warranty against color fading, you can rest assured that the design or logo you make with GraniTite will last for many, many years to come.

Resurfacing your aging metal surface with GraniTite will cost a fraction of the money and time it would take to replace it. So, contact GraniTite of East Texas today and take a step toward a revolutionary metal coating that is your answer to aging surfaces. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

GraniTite. Not just decorative metal coatings. A palette of possibilities.

Take back your metal surface.