Residential Decorative Resurfacing.

Your home just got more appealing.
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Curb appeal not an appealing project?

Call GraniTite of East Texas. A fast face-lift, and your projects are finished.

Overwhelmed with the need to update your curb appeal? GraniTite of East Texas has your residential resurfacing project under control.

When your home was still new, it started years ago as one small hairline fissure on your porch. Today, there are spider webs of cracks as your concrete porch has aged and settled. You are faced with it every time you walk through your front door and you don’t even want to think about the garage floor. Don’t even mention the sun-bleached wooden stairs that lead to the dull and slick deck to your wife. She’s been bugging you about that little project for years, every time one of the kids slips running to pool.

Curb appeal for your house never looked so difficult a goal to accomplish. The housing market in East Texas is booming for sellers. If you’re wanting to sell your home, don’t get left behind having to take a bottom dollar offer because of a few cosmetic blemishes on your property. Give GraniTite of East Texas a call and let John McLain and his team help you take charge of your residential resurfacing projects.

Pool Deck Residential Resurfacing



Strengthen, protect, and beautify with the best decorative coatings on the market.

When you contact GraniTite of East Texas, you know that they bring the best decorative residential coatings on the market. GraniTite adds strength, durability and beauty to your aging porch, stairs, and deck. GraniTite is engineered for strength. It has a Mohs hardness rating that is stronger than concrete, yet is slip resistant, adding a safer surface for your kids running to the pool. With its unique formula combining modified resins and quartz aggregate, GraniTite protects your property as well as beautifies it.

Your walkways and outdoor surfaces, that are assaulted by the hot East Texas sun, can be shielded from its harmful UV rays by GraniTite. Even though it shields your property from UV rays, GraniTite is also heat resistant, making it pleasant to walk on during summer afternoons.

While you’re walking, enjoy the beauty and variety you can create with GraniTite’s many vibrant hues by which you can design logos, inlays and other artistic elements right on the surface of your patio, sidewalk and pool deck. Rest assured knowing that those creative elements are built to last because of GraniTite’s colorfast composition.

Don’t be overwhelmed by your residential resurfacing projects. Call GraniTite of East Texas today and get starting increasing your curb appeal with the world’s first spray-on granite decorative coatings. Get started with GraniTite, and be glad that you did.

GraniTite. Not just decorative residential coatings. A palette of possibilities.

Take back your residential surface.