Decorative Wood Coatings.

Rejuvenate your wood surface with the best spray-on granite coating available.
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Unruly Wood?

With GraniTite of East Texas, help is on the way.

Wood starts beautiful, but is weak against the elements. Do you really have to replace it all?

Everybody loves the wood deck when the weather is warm and pleasant. But, that wood is exposed to the elements all the time – even on the unpleasant days. Over time, wood does not do well with excessive heat, rain, and freezing. Wood can dull and spot from water damage, lose its color, or form cracks. Wood is an unruly material and also can shrink if it dries out, causing gaps between the boards and other unattractive consequences.

As a soft material, wood can get dented or gouged from careless use. After years of abuse, your deck will have lost the inviting allure it once had. Replacing it can be an expensive project and you feel like you will have to start from scratch. Don’t replace your old deck. Coat it with GraniTite.

Breath life into your old deck. GraniTite of East Texas can help!

With GraniTite, you can take that soft material and coat it so that it is tougher than concrete. Even more, GraniTite protects your wood because it is UV resistant. That means that your stairs or deck will be durable and last much longer than wood alone. But, it’s not just durability that you get with GraniTite.

GraniTite adds a variety of color options to your resurfacing project. Design for beauty as well as longevity. With GraniTite, you have a myriad of colors at your fingertips with which to let your creativity shine with inlays, logos, and other designs. Once your masterpiece is in place, enjoy it for years to come. GraniTite is engineered to resist color fading from your project. We believe in it so much, GraniTite offers a three year warranty.

Leave your aging wood surface alone and you may find that those old decks and stairs can get pretty slippery in the rain. However, with GraniTite, you can relax as your children go up and down the stairs after a good summer shower. GraniTite is slip resistant.

GraniTite of East Texas is ready to help with your next resurfacing project. With years of experience and a zeal to please our customers, let GraniTite of East Texas help you take that old deck from being an eye sore to the inviting bridge to the outdoors you always hoped it would be.

GraniTite. Not just decorative wood coatings. A palette of possibilities.

Take back your wood surface.